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Not all IBC’s are the same 

The Xtractor is a composite container with a 11 HG 2 W UN designation. 

The “W” allows our container to handle all PG I, II, III solids, which can be restricted with other types of IBC’s.  

Because our IBC’s meet the IB Codes in the Special Provision Section of 172.102 of the hazardous materials table, we can handle 33% more listed solids than other IBC containers on the market.


Minimal Storage Space Requirement

Collapsible design allows for 10 empty Xtractors to be stacked and

banded to a pallet for delivery of 20 Xtractors per skid space for

shipment. Requiring minimal storage space upon delivery.

Constructed of “State of the Art” Materials

•      UV Treated polypropylene exterior allows for temporary    

       outside storage.

•     The Poly Nylon Poly Liner is a five ply co-extrusion film having  

       superior odor and moisture resistance compared to poly and


•      High Tensile Strength allows for Xtractors to be stacked two high. 

•      Composite construction enables the Xtractor to also be

        stacked two high during transit.

Cover & Closure

•     The rigid cover secured by strap bands. Other methods

       available upon request.

•     Heat sealed PNP liners provide a seal for an air tight

       and moisture free environments.

Liner Options

•     Other liner types and configurations are available 

       in a fill spout or open top design.