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The facts

    Over 2000 empty RETHINK 55 gal Drums

     can be shipped in 53’ truckload

    Reduce storage space of empty containers

     up to 10X compared to steel and poly’s

    40:1 - Yes!, 40 empty RETHINK Drums fit on  

     a 4’ x 4’ skid compared to only 4 steel drums

    Ship 21% more volume per truckload 

      on the same foot print

    Disposal costs reduced by a ratio of  25:1

    Reuse and recycling program saves the 

     end user disposal costs, eliminating 

     reconditioning expense. No odors, cross 

     contamination or unwanted foreign matter

    Tare weight is 75% less (14 pounds or 7kg)

    We offer screen printing on the containers